Part 2:  Incorporating Continuous Monitoring into Your Third-Party Risk Management Program: The Pilot is Complete – Now What?

Posted by RiskRecon on Jan 31, 2017 1:30:00 PM

One of the most common questions we’re asked is how to incorporate continuous monitoring into a third-party risk management program. In part one of this two-part blog, we discussed beginning with the end state in mind to establish goals for your continuous monitoring program and suggested you jumpstart your program with a pilot. So once the pilot is complete, now what?

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Topics: CISO, risk control, Vendor Risk Management, Continuous Monitoring, 3rd party risk management

Part 1:  Incorporating Continuous Monitoring into Your Third Party Risk Program: Begin with the End State in Mind

Posted by RiskRecon on Jan 20, 2017 1:39:28 PM

Like many organizations today, you have existing processes, tools and people laser-focused on analyzing periodic vendor security questionnaires, documentation, and on-site reviews. Moving to a continuous monitoring program can be daunting.  Our advice: Don’t focus on where to start…think about where you want to end up.  Begin with the end state in mind.

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Topics: 3rd party risk management, CISO, risk control, Scalability, Continuous Monitoring, Vendor Risk Management