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      RiskRecon Sept 2021 Product Update

      RiskRecon Enhances Platform with New Reporting Capabilities

      In a continued effort to drive innovation and meet the growing needs of today’s businesses, RiskRecon has announced enhancements to the ...

      RiskRecon's View into the Kaseya Attack

      In early July software provider, Kaseya announced it had been the victim of a ransomware attack by the infamous Russian-based hacking group, REvil.  While the ...

      Bringing Clarity to Uncertainty

      With enterprises critically dependent on such large and complex supply chains, traditional methods of managing third-party risk simply do not provide the timely, ...

      Predicting Cyber Risk Posture - Part 2

      In part two of our blog series on predicting cyber risk posture, we dive into more advanced models of third-party risk assessments to ...

      Predicting Cyber Risk Posture - Part 1

      In this blog post, we will discuss how we are seeking to predict third-party cyber risk posture from our recent research report,

      RiskRecon Rating Correlation to Ransomware Event Frequency

      Predicting Ransomware Event Frequency with RiskRecon Cybersecurity Ratings and ...

      Measuring Cyber Risk Posture

      In a perfect world, third-party risk managers would be able to accurately and continually assess expected losses associated with each vendor in their supply chain. ...
      Best risk models for security assessments

      Context is Everything in Third-Party Risk Modeling

      Vetting new vendors for cyber risk and working with existing vendors to improve their security practices can be a tall order for any third-party risk management ...

      Forrester: RiskRecon Solves Key Third-Party Risk Management Challenges

      Demand for RiskRecon’s cyber risk ratings and insights continues to grow as the number of cyberattacks connected to third-party risk rises. A recent

      Forrester: RiskRecon Yields More Efficient Cyber Risk Management