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      Ponemon data risk intro figure 1-1

      An Introduction to the Ponemon Data Risk in TPRM Study

      Organizations are dependent upon their third-party vendors to provide such important services as payroll, software development or data processing. ...

      What are the 'must-haves' when building a TPRM program?

      As organizations continue to come to grips with the fact that third-party risks are extremely dangerous to any business regardless of its size or industry - ...

      What does a successful TPRM program look like?

      Trading best practices across firms have been a staple in the cybersecurity industry for years. Everyone needs guidance and a helping hand once in a while. The same is true for third-party risk ...

      What is cybersecurity deficit and how to deal with it?

      During a recent webcast with Kelly White, the founder of RiskRecon MasterCard company, ...

      What is the state of third-party risk management right now?

      Very recently RiskRecon and Whistic published a report that examines ...

      5 Tips for CISOs About the Future of Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

      To quote Bob Dylan, "the times, they are a-changin'." 

      2022 Risk Surface Findings: 300x Better is a BIG Deal

      We’ve examined a lot of factors that tell us how each organization’s risk surface is dependent on the choices that it makes, regardless of ...

      Risk Surface KPIs: Do cloud adoption rates impact your risk surface?

      During this blog post, we examine how a couple of factors - cloud adoption rate and technology footprint - impact an organization's risk surface.  ...

      Risk Surface KPIs: Are your assets being hosted in a secure location?

      In this article, we continue our look a the key performance indicators from our recent study on how organizations are navigating the internet risk surface. We will look specifically at how asset ...

      Risk Surface KPIs: Should industry weigh more in assessments?

      When we think about risk, we also have to acknowledge and account for the inherent risk that is posed to your organization before any mitigation controls. The idea of inherent risk centers around ...