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    Cybersecurity Frameworks 101

    What is a Cybersecurity Framework? A cybersecurity framework is a collection of instructions and best ...

    How to Use a Qualitative Risk Assessment

    When trying to identify a vulnerability in cybersecurity, a qualitative risk assessment is one of the important tools you can use. Understanding what this type of risk analysis is and the impact ...
    Exclusive Ignition RR-1

    Exclusive Networks, Ignition Technology and Mastercard Forge Strategic Cybersecurity Partnership Across EMEA

    Exclusive Networks, a globally trusted cybersecurity specialist for digital infrastructure, together with its SaaS focused cybersecurity division
    Percent of Third-Party Relationships

    Balancing Third-Party Risk: Taking Time to Calibrate

    This article continues our series on a recent research report, that examined nearly ...

    Understanding Supply Chain Risk Management

    When you have a supply chain that is at risk, you must ensure you mitigate that risk as best you can to avoid supply chain disruption. With proper supply chain risk management, you can avoid ...

    What We Learn From Cybersecurity Research

    Digital systems and networks have changed and will continue to change the world. They can deliver massive societal benefits and are critical to our security, economic growth, and well-being. ...
    MoveIt vulnerability

    MOVEit Exploit Hitting High-Profile Targets: What You Need To Know

    By: Mastercard Security Research Team Multiple high-profile targets, including federal government agencies in the United States, have been hit by a ...
    Percent of third-parties

    Balancing Third-Party Risk: Security Posture of Third-Parties

    Continuing along our journey of balancing third-party risk, we dive into ...
    Magecart-Style Campaign

    New Magecart-Style Campaign Hijacks Legitimate Sites to Attack Others

    By: Mastercard Security Research Team A
    Balancing Third-Party Risk with RiskRecon by Mastercard

    Balancing Third-Party Risk:  No Assumption is Safe

    Organizations have a lot of assumptions about third-party risk. Many assume their vendors have terrible security posture and represent grave danger to their business. Others assume the opposite— ...