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      Securing Critical Infrastructure with the NIS Directive

      Every organization faces information security threats. While most organizations are concerned with preventing data breaches, critical infrastructure operators face ...

      Come See One of the Top Startups at RSAC 2020

      Are you heading to RSAC 2020? Why not come and meet with the #2 startup to see at RSAC as ranked by Crunchbase.

      What is Third-Party SecOps?

      Organizations like NIST and ISO have put together structures to build effective enterprise security programs. Why should third-party risk management be any ...

      RiskRecon Commits to Continued Innovation

      Third-party cyber risk needs are always evolving and RiskRecon is committed to providing industry-leading customer service, technological innovation, and now, ...

      EBA Guidelines on Outsourcing Arrangements - Summary of Requirements

      Outsourcing business functions, including IT and data services, can have many benefits, such as reduced costs, more efficiency and the ability to quickly scale; ...

      HIPAA & HITECH: Third-party Risk Management

      Health information is regarded as highly private data by many individuals. The unauthorized disclosure of health data can, and has, caused individuals to suffer ...

      RiskRecon is Acquired by Mastercard to Enhance Cyber Threat Intelligence

      Mastercard has announced the acquisition of RiskRecon to bolster its cyber threat intelligence portfolio.

      HIPAA & HITECH | Today's Health Data Privacy Laws in the USA - Part 2

      Breach Notifications HITECH expects organization to take reasonable steps to detect breaches. This means an organization can’t justifiably claim a ...

      HIPAA & HITECH | Today's Health Data Privacy Laws in the USA - Part 1

      HIPAA & HITECH are major regulations in the healthcare industry in the United States of America. HIPAA was enacted in 1996 and aimed to provide privacy ...

      HITECH Foundations: Part 2

      In part two of our blog series on HITECH Foundations - we explore a number of key areas including breach notification requirements, restrictions on disclosures and ...