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      Ponemon 2022 Study: Data Risk in the Third-Party Ecosystem

      Sponsored by RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company, and conducted by Ponemon Institute, this new report surveyed over 1,000 IT and IT security professionals familiar with their organizations’ approach ...

      Navigating the Internet Risk Surface Report 2022

      In this report, we look at what distinguishes the firms that measure and manage cyber risk well from those that struggle the most. Armed with this knowledge, Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) ...

      Report: Modernization of Vendor Assessments

      Over the last five years, there has been an evolution in the development of cybersecurity and vendor assessment tools focused on keeping businesses secure, but also on streamlining and simplifying ...

      Checklist: Create a Business Case for Cybersecurity Risk Ratings

      According to Forrester Research, global security decision-makers that reported a cybersecurity breach within a 12-month span increased from 50% in 2019 to 63% in 2022. This ...
      RiskRecon report on the cybersecurity hygiene among US cities

      Report: The state of cybersecurity in U.S. cities

      It is widely recognized that cities and local government agencies within the United States have increasingly become targets of ransomware in recent years.

      Trends in TPRM: Q&A with Gartner and H-ISAC

      Recently, RiskRecon founder Kelly White sat down with Sam Olyaei, Director at Gartner Research, and Errol Weiss, Chief Security Officer at Health-ISAC, to discuss their client’s experiences ...

      White Paper: Five Lessons Learned from Over 600 Ransomware Attacks

      Much has been written about hardening enterprises against the threat of ransomware, but what about protecting supply chains? Ideally, every supplier has a robust security program, strong ...

      New Report: Measuring Cybersecurity Hygiene After Ransomware Attack

      What could be more motivating for a company to get their cybersecurity house in order than a ransomware event that disrupts your ability to operate?

      Study: Analyzing the Cybersecurity Hygiene of Ransomware Victims

      Do companies that experience a ransomware event have poor cybersecurity hygiene? Or is the quality of cybersecurity hygiene not a factor in the frequency of ransomware events?
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      Gartner®: Navigating the Vendor Risk Management Solution Market

      The market for vendor risk management products and services is complex, diverse and evolving, making it difficult to know how to choose the right solution. This research will help sourcing, ...