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      New Report: Measuring Cybersecurity Hygiene After Ransomware Attack

      What could be more motivating for a company to get their cybersecurity house in order than a ransomware event that disrupts your ability to operate?

      Study: Analyzing the Cybersecurity Hygiene of Ransomware Victims

      Do companies that experience a ransomware event have poor cybersecurity hygiene? Or is the quality of cybersecurity hygiene not a factor in the frequency of ransomware events?
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      Gartner®: Navigating the Vendor Risk Management Solution Market

      The market for vendor risk management products and services is complex, diverse and evolving, making it difficult to know how to choose the right solution. This research will help sourcing, ...

      Information Risk Insights Study: Tsunami Ripple Events

      In this report, we identified 50 of the largest multi-party cyber incidents over the past several years in an effort to understand their causes and consequences from beginning to end. The ...

      eBook: Bridging the healthcare Technology gap

      As the volume of digital patient records and other sensitive information continues to grow exponentially, healthcare data security, cybersecurity, and fraud prevention becomes an urgent ...

      New Report: Measuring the Ongoing Impact of Multi-party Breaches

      In a new research study from RiskRecon and Cyentia Institute, we built on our 2019 Ripples Across the Risk Surface report to understand the ongoing risks ...

      Forrester Total Economic Impact Study: RiskRecon

      RiskRecon, a Mastercard company, commissioned Forrester Research to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by ...

      New Report: The Value of Better Data in Third-Party Risk Assessments

      This short study aims to measure the value of better information for third-party risk assessments. We developed four models of increasing information to assess vendor risk posture and compare the ...

      How Sentara Healthcare Achieved Next Level Third-Party Security

      Read this new case study to learn how Sentara Healthcare is using RiskRecon and VIRTIS to power its third-party risk management program, and see how the platform also sits at the heart of its own ...

      Predicting third-party breach event frequency with RiskRecon

      Read this new report that examines how RiskRecon’s cybersecurity rating model strongly predicts the breach event frequency from companies in ...