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      GoDaddy Announces Security Incident: How to Know if You Are Impacted

      On November 22, 2021, the popular web hosting provider GoDaddy

      What caused the surge in ripple events?

      Having taken a few different readings about the size and scope of these digital tsunamis, our next question is ...

      Mikela McGettigan – The First Sales Exec You Want on Your Team

      Mikela was RiskRecon’s first sales executive, joining when we had just a few founding customers. In doing so, she put her own commission-based income on the line. With minimal sales and marketing ...

      How big are the waves from multi-party data breaches?

      How big are the waves from Ripple events? This question is likely top of mind for many ...

      Light Through the IRIS Tsunami

      In almost every way imaginable, we live in a hyperconnected world. This connectivity has brought many benefits to modern business models, but it has also introduced myriad challenges and risks. If ...

      The Rise of the Risk Tsunami

      From the data presented in our latest research report, one thing should be crystal clear - no ...

      What's the damage from ripple events?

      Most of the ripples we analyzed involved only four firms, but the financial impacts of all of these multi-party incidents far outweighed their traditional single-party breach event counterparts. ...

      Who is involved with Ripples Events?

      Let’s take a look at the kinds of organizations most likely to be involved in a ripple event, including the generating organizations, recipients of downstream loss events, and threat actors.

      Tsunami Report: The damage from major multi-party data breaches

      In almost every way imaginable, we live in a hyperconnected world. This connectivity has brought many ...


      Before we broadly discuss who is getting caught in ripple events, how much ripples are costing organizations, how long they take to unfold, and what’s potentially causing them, it’s important to ...