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      HITECH Foundations: Part 1

      This blog continues our series on health data information security & data privacy laws in the United States. This two part blog series will go through the key ...

      What's a Cyber Ripple Event?

      For some years now security experts have rung the alarm bells over the risk of third-party breaches. Enterprises are starting to understand that the security ...

      Healthcare CyberSecurity: HIPAA Foundations - Part 2

      In this part one of our HIPAA foundations blog, ...

      Healthcare CyberSecurity: HIPAA Foundations - Part 1

      Health information is regarded as highly private data by many individuals. The unauthorized disclosure of health data can, and has, ...
      Data Regulations

      Comparing and Contrasting GDPR & CCPA

      This past decade has seen privacy concerns come to the forefront of the public’s attention all across the world. In response to ...
      Distribution of Breach Frequency

      Measuring Risk Surface: Part 3

      The Methods of Measurement

      What's the Board's Role in Managing Cyber Risk?

      Recent regulatory and market actions against the likes of Equifax and Facebook should stand as a huge wake-up call for governing boards of directors at large ...
      Vendor Risk Management

      GDPR Foundations: Part III

      Manage Third-parties under GDPR We’ve discussed this section in detail in a ...
      EMEA locked

      GDPR Foundations: Part II

      As we continue with this blog series on GDPR Foundations, we will explore the requirements organizations need ...

      A Conversation on Digital Transformation and Third-Party Risk

      Only a small segment of the industry has gotten on board with the idea that they own the risk associated with the end-to-end supply chain that makes their ...