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      CCPA Foundations Part II

      In Part II of our series on CCPA Foundations, we will explore Enforcements & Fines associated with this new legislation. 

      CCPA Foundations Part I

      The right to privacy is regarded around the world as a fundamental human right. In fact, the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “No one shall be ...
      risky decisions

      Measuring Risk Surface: Part 2

      Diving into the concept of measurement

      GDPR: Third-party Risk Management Obligations

      Historically, organizations have sometimes been able to shift some liability for data breaches to their third-parties, if not all liability (this has been ...
      Measuring cybersecurity risk

      Measuring Risk Surface: Part 1

      A primer on the objects of our measurement
      GDPR Word Chart

      GDPR Fines: What they mean for your organization and what you can do

      Until July 8 & 9, 2019, the median GDPR fine was €5,000. On those two days, two fines in the hundreds of millions of euros were announced for GDPR violations. ...

      Responding to Risk Surface

      Reflections from some of 2019's largest cybersecurity events
      GDPR Flag

      GDPR: How organizations go from violations to fines

      Europe’s GDPR is widely-discussed in today’s news cycles and for good reason. The regulation impacts many organizations throughout the world, and violations of the ...

      The What and Why of Risk Surface

      New terms, new reports and a new direction for an emerging risk ...

      Making Risk Surface Real

      An argument for risk surface’s leading role in corporate risk registers By Richard Seiersen: Risk Management Author, Serial CISO, CEO ...