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      SolarWinds Shows We're Having the Wrong Board-Level Risk Conversations

      It's already been a couple of months since the bombshell of the SolarWinds supply chain attack came to light and it's becoming increasingly clear that it'll take ...

      IoT Devices Are Exposing Firms to the Internet

      Less than a decade after the establishment of the TCP/IP protocol, enterprising engineers at Carnegie Mellon decided it was a good idea to give their local vending machine access ...

      A pandemic side effect? More cyberthreats in health care.

      In the middle of a pandemic, the last thing any hospital wants to do is make life even more complicated for its staff and patients. But that’s exactly what happened in France last month, ...

      The Blurring Lines Between Third- and Nth-Party Risk

      As the cybersecurity industry continues to parse the news, threat intelligence, and mounting fallout from the SolarWinds compromise, the gory details just keep ...

      Privva and RiskRecon Offer Comprehensive Vendor Risk System

      As part of Privva’s phase two integration of RiskRecon, Privva has incorporated RiskRecon data into the scoresheet allowing clients to validate vendor responses at a control ...

      RiskRecon: Riding a New Wave of Cybersecurity Risk Ratings

      Since the release of the first Forrester New Wave™ report on Cybersecurity Risk Ratings in 2018, RiskRecon has continued to innovate as a leader in the space by growing it's third-party risk ...
      Orion on the Internet

      How the World Responded to SolarWinds Orion - Part 2

      In part one of this blog, we discussed how many ...

      How the World Responded to SolarWinds Orion – Part 1

      On December 13, 2020, the Department of Homeland Security announced that malicious actors were actively exploiting SolarWinds Orion versions 2019.4 through 2020.2.1 HF1. As there was no ...

      Predicting third-party breach event frequency with RiskRecon cybersecurity ratings

      RiskRecon’s cybersecurity rating model strongly predicts the breach event frequency to expect from companies in different rating tiers. Based on analysis of the RiskRecon ratings and breach event ...

      Rodney Cox – An Amazing Engineer Committed to Making a Big Impact

      There are a few people in this world who are here to make a really big impact through their work and who back it up every day. Rodney Cox is one of those people. He possesses essential ...