RiskRecon was featured in this new article from Healthcare IT News, discussing how Sentara Healthcare adopted a consumerization and digital transformation strategy.  Below is an excerpt from the article, you can read the full text by clicking the link here or the button below!

The two most critical results for Sentara have been the efficiency and speed of cloud migration and the external-facing security posture achieved.

"Speaking to our team at Microsoft, they said Sentara has been one of the most sophisticated adopters of Azure in the U.S. healthcare sector," Bowden reported. "That is a huge result for us, and speaks to one of my primary goals as CISO, which was get out of the way and don't slow us down with draconian security."

One of Sentara's key wins has been its ability to shield not only newly developed apps, but also legacy and third-party apps.

"If we didn't have shielding with RedShield as an option, I'm sure we would have delayed our digital transformation several times over, and would have been in that all too common space where as a business you have to make risk-acceptance choices, balancing the severity and likelihood of a security flaw being exploited against the business value of the system," Bowden stated.

"With RedShield, we avoided that problem by shielding every vulnerability, while we then decided if and how to fix," he continued. "This process has been instrumental in our seamless move to the cloud and digital-transformation program. We now don't move anything to the cloud without shielding it."

The other measures for any CISO are the security metrics and target benchmarks.

"This is where one example is our RiskRecon score, which has several measures of scoring based on our Internet-facing perimeter," Bowden explained. "At the start of our program of work, we had a middle-of-the-road score for U.S. healthcare, which I desperately wanted us to improve. By using RedShield for our digital transformation and cloud migration, we now have one of the best RiskRecon scores in U.S. healthcare."

To be able to achieve speed, ease of use, ongoing management and a high level of effectiveness is what every CISO strives for, he added.

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