New integrations adding visualizations of vendor security assessments, financial data and dark web monitoring enrich Privva’s third-party risk management platform providing wider view of breach factors

April 28, 2020 - Arlington, Virginia: Privva, the leading third-party risk management platform, today introduced new continuous monitoring partnerships with Argos Risk, RiskRecon, a Mastercard company, and SpyCloud – best in class leaders specializing in the security of supply chains, cybersecurity risk ratings and monitoring the cybercriminal underground, respectively. Privva customers managing vendor risk and relationships can now centralize vendor risk data points, research and visualizations from these partners within Privva’s Web platform interface – contextualizing information to prevent data breaches and guide C-Suite leaders’ risk and business decisions. These latest integrations are available today at

“Effective third-party risk management demands real-time gathering of the most relevant and actionable information, which typically exists but is trapped in disparate dashboards, feeds and notifications – placing an impossible correlation burden on risk managers,” said Privva CEO Ishan Girdhar. “Argos Risk, RiskRecon and SpyCloud are renowned innovators in their fields, delivering urgent capabilities including spotting stolen login credentials in the underground, pinpointing suspect financial transactions and placing intuitive risk scores on complex vendor relationships. Privva’s latest partnerships benefit all parties by combining and contextualizing this information in a more naturally correlated and usable fashion, making Privva a central hub for situational awareness and on-demand drill-downs into third-party risk factors.”

Privva’s Continuous Monitoring partners at-a-glance:

Business Health from Argos Risk

Stay informed on the current financial viability of key suppliers and customers who require commercial financing. Argos Risk is a leading provider of Third-Party Risk Intelligence solutions, helping companies monitor and manage the financial and operational risks associated with key commercial relationships.  With access to information on over 32+ million businesses, their algorithms automatically analyze and report on a comprehensive set of metrics including address verification, credit histories, trade lines, industry trends, and compliance with sanctions lists, including Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Automated Risk Assessments from RiskRecon

Gain a better understanding of and act on your enterprise cybersecurity health through risk analysis across security domains such as e-mail security, governance, software patching, threat intelligence, and more. RiskRecon makes it easy to gain deep, risk contextualized insight into the cybersecurity risk performance of all of your third parties by continuously discovering your digital footprint and non-invasively assessing your security risk posture. Simply give RiskRecon the names of the companies you want to assess and receive deep, continuous risk insight spanning 11 security domains and 41 security criteria. As a result, enterprise organizations will have the transparency and tools necessary to make risk decisions and take action at the speed of business.

Dark Web Monitoring from SpyCloud

Discover exposed e-mail and password records jeopardizing your C-Suite leaders and wider organization. SpyCloud’s account takeover prevention and fraud investigation solutions are backed by the world’s most current and comprehensive repository of stolen credentials and PII, recovered through Human Intelligence early in the breach timeline. Swift recovery of exposed credentials means enterprises can act quickly to reset compromised passwords, greatly reducing their risk of account takeovers and business e-mail compromise. For details on the SpyCloud data Privva customers now have access to, visit

Learn more about Privva’s latest partnerships, data integrations and other features during Shared Assessments 13th annual Third Party Risk Summit, an online conference running April 29-30 with speakers and sessions highlighting processes, technologies and efficiencies in third party risk management. Privva is an event sponsor; registration and full details are available at

Scoping and administration are critical success factors in vendor risk management. Organizations must account for every partner, process and business function influencing risk in order to track correct data for decision-making. Anything incomplete, assumed or lost in translation can have far-reaching consequences. Privva’s flexible vendor risk management platform centralizes security questionnaires, risk ratings and scoring of responses for third-parties accessing customers enterprise networks and sensitive data. By using an intuitive interface and templates, Privva eliminates and automates manual overhead and administration while emphasizing metrics and visualizations vital for guiding C-Level risk management and vendor relationships.

Privva has extensive industry experience and built-in platform templates configured for customers in software, financial services, legal, healthcare, higher education, government and other sectors. Suppliers and other contractors required to comply with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) use Privva to accelerate their compliance and audit readiness.

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Privva is an award-winning, cloud-based vendor risk assessment platform delivering value for a diverse customer base across industries including legal, financial services, technology, healthcare, education, and media. Privva’s flexible Web platform streamlines the assessment process from authoring to automatic recurring delivery. Developed with a philosophy that risk is contextual, Privva delivers a tailored approach to assessing risk with an intuitive user interface driving a responsive user experience. Privva’s Vendor Security Assessment  centralizes security questionnaires, risk ratings and scoring of responses for third-parties that have access to enterprise networks or sensitive data.  Privva’s workflow and templates reduce vendor assessment time by up to 75% and annual recertification can be automated. For more information, visit or schedule a demo at

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