RiskRecon is pleased to announce the release of the Portfolio Issue Priority Matrix. The Portfolio Issue Risk Matrix provides you instant visibility into the risk distribution of security issues across your entire vendor portfolio. The interactive matrix enables you to identify the vendors that have issues within each risk priority. This is yet another way that RiskRecon makes it easy for you to understand and act on your third-party risk.

  • Simple visibility into vendor portfolio issue risk distribution
  • Rapid identification of vendors with significant issues in important assets
  • Easy navigation to vendors of concern

issue risk matrix

The Portfolio Issue Risk Matrix is displayed on your RiskRecon dashboard.

Portfolio Issue Risk Matrix Explained

The Portfolio Issue Risk Matrix is a compilation of all of the vendor issues, each issue being presented based on issue severity and asset value. Each cell presents the number of issues across the portfolio for the given issue severity and asset value. In this example matrix, there are 535 issues that are of critical severity present in high value assets. The matrix is interactive, displaying for the selected cells the vendors and the number of issues for each vendor for the given risk priority.

risk matrix explained

Customer Support

You can learn more about the Portfolio Issue Risk Priority Matrix through the RiskRecon support center, accessible from the RiskRecon portal. There you will find additional documentation and user videos.

You are always encouraged to contact us directly at support@riskrecon.com or through the chat feature in the RiskRecon portal.