Whistic integrates RiskRecon’s risk-prioritized cyber security ratings within its vendor assessment platform

Salt Lake City, Utah (September 10, 2018) – RiskRecon, the fastest-growing company transforming management of third-party cyber risk, today announced a partnership with Whistic, a leading vendor assessment platform that enables companies to conduct and respond to security reviews on a single platform. The alliance will allow companies to quickly tackle and respond to common risk assessment and review process challenges, increasing third-party visibility to make more informed risk decisions.

Built for companies focused on pro-actively managing security reviews and responding to security questionnaires, Whistic enhances evaluation of third-party vendor networks while improving the process of gathering, sending, receiving, and sharing assessment information across business units. The partnership will enable joint customers of Whistic and RiskRecon to manage the vendor assessment lifecycle end-to-end, obtaining a verifiable assessment of third-party cyber security practices for a 360-degree view of vendor risk.

“Partnering with Whistic provides our joint customers with a one-stop solution for reducing third-party cyber risk,” said Eric Blatte, President and Co-founder of RiskRecon. “Together, we’re able to deliver the kind of dynamic insights that help customers rapidly identify and understand the security posture of their third-party relationships and most importantly, act on that risk.”

“This partnership is a natural step in extending the value of the Whistic Platform to our rapidly growing customer base. The additional insights available through RiskRecon’s continuous monitoring capabilities will only enhance the usefulness of our vendor assessment platform,” said Nick Sorensen, CEO of Whistic. “We look forward to working closely with the RiskRecon team to deliver a seamlessly integrated solution that sets a new standard for the industry to follow.”


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Located in the heart of the Silicon Slopes in Utah, Whistic is a leading vendor assessment platform built for companies focused on protecting data and proactively managing security reviews. Whistic enhances evaluation of third-party vendor networks while improving the process of gathering, sending, receiving, and storing assessment information; thereby promoting mature vendor risk management programs. Whistic’s automated, streamlined platform also reduces the manual, time consuming effort that is typically synonymous with performing and responding to security questionnaires. Whistic is designed for an intuitive, collaborative user experience from initial vendor onboarding to ongoing assessment, and harnesses the wisdom of hundreds of security professionals to consistently deliver risk insights through its patent-pending CrowdConfidence scoring algorithm. For more information visit https://www.whistic.com, read the latest on theWhistic blog or follow Whistic on Twitter @Whistic_Inc.


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 RiskRecon provides the world’s easiest and fastest path to understanding and acting on third-party cyber risk, and is the only continuous monitoring solution that delivers risk-prioritized action plans enabling precise, efficient elimination of customers’ most critical third-party security gaps. RiskRecon’s SaaS-based platform enables enterprises to understand the cyber risk performance of their vendors based on continuous discovery of vendors’ systems and assessment of those systems against 39 security risk criteria. RiskRecon provides suggested risk prioritization of every issue surfaced based on issue severity and asset value. This risk contextualization enables customers to easily convert RiskRecon assessments into action, providing capabilities for customers to engage their vendors on the issues and themes that expose them to the greatest risk. Armed with RiskRecon, companies realize dramatically better risk outcomes, compressing the time required for analysts to assess and act on risk. Learn more at www.riskrecon.com.