Best-in-Class Customer Satisfaction, Deep Business and Technology Partnerships with
CyberGRX, Interos, and RSA, and New Ratings Model Highlight Demand Drivers

Salt Lake City – February 25, 2021 – RiskRecon, a leading provider of cybersecurity risk ratings, today marked the expansion of its cybersecurity risk monitoring to 4.1 million companies globally. The essential insights into the health of digital ecosystems delivered by RiskRecon, enables its clients to easily understand and act on their cybersecurity risks.

“This milestone reflects the customer-first mentality we’ve had since day one,” said Kelly White, RiskRecon’s CEO and co-founder. “Their security is our success and it shows in our 95% customer retention for the last three years. Each customer has a tailored engagement program in which we seek to understand their needs and to optimize the application of RiskRecon to their use cases. It shows up in our product, with our engineering team working closely to address customer-identified product gaps. The same care and attention are delivered, whether supporting a customer and its 100,000 partners or a small business looking to protect themselves in these critical times.”

RiskRecon’s customer success and satisfaction is evident in its year-over-year results:
  • In Gartner Peer Reviews, customers have awarded RiskRecon 4.6 out of 5 stars, the
    highest rating awarded to the big three cybersecurity rating companies.
  • In 2020, the number of companies leveraging RiskRecon to manage third-party risk grew
    by 110%
  • RiskRecon has over 3,400 customers across a wide range of industries, including
    healthcare, government, financial, retail, manufacturing, defense, and technology.

RiskRecon earns success with its customers and tremendous market growth by working hard to
help customers easily understand and act on their cybersecurity risks.

  • Independently certified assessment accuracy, achieving asset attribution accuracy of
    99.1% in 2020, an improvement over the 98.5% certified accuracy in 2019.
  • Custom-tunable assessments to match customer risk priorities founded on RiskRecon’s
    unique ability to automatically risk prioritize issues based on issue severity and the value
    at risk in which the issues exist.
  • Powerful predictive insights, such as strong correlation of RiskRecon rating to breach
    event frequency. For example, F-rated companies have a 4-times greater frequency of
    breach events then do A-rated companies.
  • Expansion of technology and business partnerships, including a new exclusive
    partnership with CyberGRX, the leading third-party risk exchange which integrates
    RiskRecon ratings and insights into CyberGRX’s database of over 70,000 exchange
  • Over 50 significant user-facing product enhancements, spanning new security criteria,
    major update to the cybersecurity rating algorithms, new reports, new security criteria,
    multi-factor authentication, and several user interface enhancements.

About RiskRecon
RiskRecon, a Mastercard company, provides cybersecurity ratings and insights that make it
easy for enterprises to understand and act on their risks. RiskRecon is the only security rating
solution that delivers risk-prioritized action plans custom-tuned to match customer risk priorities,
enabling organizations to efficiently operate scalable, third-party risk management programs for
dramatically better risk outcomes. Request a demo to learn more about our solution.

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