As technology continues to improve, so do cyberattacks. Traditional cybersecurity methods aren’t going to protect you, and businesses must be vigilant when it comes to their data. In 2022, approximately 15 million data records were exposed worldwide through data breaches. No longer can you pop in a cybersecurity software disk and call it a day. That’s where cybersecurity analytics come in. 

Not only do you need optimum cybersecurity, but it’s also important to understand WHY you need it. RiskRecon, a MasterCard company, offers cybersecurity analytics solutions to protect your data and customer data from potential threats. 

What are cybersecurity analytics?

First, understanding cybersecurity analytics can be confusing for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Cybersecurity analytics utilize gathered data to identify and monitor security issues while protecting it from threats. 

There are several types of data analytics in cybersecurity, including:

  • Behavioral analytics
  • Statistical analysis
  • Machine learning 

Once collected, data is aggregated to find what’s working and what isn’t. The data that’s reported can help businesses get a better understanding of what’s going on in their digital environment, as well. 

It can be easy to assume data is safe when it is stored within your system, but there is always the potential for internal and external threats. Hiring a cybersecurity analyst to inspect your data is crucial for threat detection. 

Simply put, cybersecurity analytics are a great security metrics tool to ensure all of your digital assets are protected, along with finding weak points to improve. 

Why are cybersecurity analytics important?

If you’ve already had cybersecurity professionals look at your website, you might be wondering why these analytics are important. Understanding why cybersecurity analytics are important also means understanding the role of data analysis. The digital space is always evolving, and even if you had the best of the best in cybersecurity three years ago, it might not be the best today. 

Cybersecurity analytics are important for several reasons. Another thing to consider is that if you’re using a traditional security information and event management (SIEM) system, it will only look at one item in the network at a time. As a result, they’ll only be tested at one exact moment, which may not be the most accurate data. 

When it comes to cybersecurity analytics, information systems are testing the network as a whole.. It’s also ongoing, so your network will be analyzed as a working unit instead of in one single snippet. 

As technology advances, so do those looking to create a cyber threat. Unfortunately, they are finding new ways to get around security and cause a data breach every day. This constant advancement is why it’s critical to carry out cybersecurity analytics frequently for data accuracy.  

Big data analytics

Big data are high-volume data sets that are collected daily. Typically, they can’t be processed by a traditional computer. Big data is necessary for all security analytics to predict threats before they happen. It’s gathered from every part of your system, such as:

  • The cloud
  • Computers 
  • Networks
  • Sensors

Doing so allows for more accurate cybersecurity analytics and information security. Knowing how data science works will help you understand all the benefits you’ll get from threat detection. 

What are the benefits of cybersecurity analytics?

There are many benefits to using cybersecurity analytics. Referencing a cybersecurity analysis guide can help determine which benefits will be best for your enterprise. We’ve put together some of the top benefits, including threat intelligence and creating easy-to-understand information. 

Detecting a threat before it happens

Traditional SIEM is great at detecting threats as soon as they occur within your network. Cybersecurity analytics will see a threat before it’s even happened. It can do this by looking at how your network behaves and the data coming in and out of it as a whole. The analytics are constantly running and monitoring your network, so you can rest easy knowing your data is protected against threats at all hours. 

The information is easy to understand

Not everyone who needs to know what’s happening within your cybersecurity will have technical knowledge. However, cybersecurity analytics create a palatable snapshot that anyone from the IT department to an executive can understand. 

This will be beneficial if you need to make improvements but need approval from someone higher up. You’ll be able to show them exactly where there is a weak spot and why you need to increase cybersecurity. 

Real-time alerts and detection

Cybersecurity analytics work in real-time, so you’ll know there is a problem immediately. Analytics tools allow you to prioritize alerts and be notified as soon as there is an issue. With big data, cybersecurity analytics can prevent incidents before they occur. 

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to see what can happen in the future. This is all thanks to the intense analysis your system can do with big data. The reports will also give you a detailed explanation of where the threat came from in the first place, along with a timeline. 

Machine learning for threat intelligence

Cybersecurity analytics will also use machine learning to automate threat intelligence. This means that once a threat is detected, the system will store it for future reference to detect similar ones faster the next time. 

It will help you improve your training 

Once you’re using cybersecurity analytics, you’ll know what needs improvement. This is not only going to help with the actual data security but with training your employees, as well. For example, if a common attack threat comes in, you’ll be able to inform employees and train them on how to handle it. 

This analysis will also catch internal threats, which may happen completely by accident. That way, you’ll be able to train your staff on how to avoid these issues in the future. 

How can RiskRecon help me? 

So, are you ready to have a security analyst look at your data? The cybersecurity professionals at RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company are here to help! We offer cybersecurity solutions for any sized business. Contact us for a RickRecon demo today!