As part of Privva’s phase two integration of RiskRecon, Privva has incorporated RiskRecon data into the scoresheet allowing clients to validate vendor responses at a control level. This level of integration between Privva and RiskRecon are offering a far more comprehensive risk management system on the market.


See how the partnership looks on Privva:

RiskRecon Security Score
Privva Continuous Risk Assessment

“Validating responses from vendors continue to be a major challenge for companies conducting third-party risk assessments”, said Jonathan Ehret, Vice President, Strategy and Risk for RiskRecon,” and this integration acts as a lie detector test to ensure the controls are being met.”


With this partnership, Privva can provide stronger data and users can feel more confident in their risk management programs.


“We are excited about the next phase of the integration with RiskRecon. Mapping RiskRecon data to assessment questionnaires will reduce the time to review and remediate vendor assessments significantly”, said Ishan Girdhar, CEO of Privva.


Learn more about Privva and RiskRecon’s latest partnership, data integrations and other features during our free webinar on March 16th. Privva CEO, Ishan Girdhar and RiskRecon VP Jon Ehret will discuss best practices in third party risk management and share a demo of the new functionality.