kellywhiteBy: Kelly White, Founder, RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company

Criminals are detonating ransomware seven days a week, with no day of the week having less than 12% of the total events. The data shows that criminals lean a bit towards detonating ransomware on the weekend, with 30% of all ransomware being detonated on Saturday or Sunday. Why do criminals favor the weekends? Perhaps because they know that the cybersecurity and IT teams of many organizations are understaffed, giving them more time to increase their attack blast radius.

We certainly have many examples in which the harm of ransomware was contained by the rapid response and good work of capable professionals. A prime example among many was that of Jackson Hospital, based out of Florida, in which their IT lead’s rapid response to a ransomware event contained what could have otherwise been a devastating incident (

Ensure that your operationally important suppliers have 24x7 security operations. Rapid response to a ransomware event is essential to limiting data and getting on with recovering systems.

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