Today RiskRecon announced its ground-breaking asset valuation algorithms that automatically determine the inherent risk value of any Internet-facing system. These new algorithms solve the cyber risk equation by automatically determining the risk value of computer systems, enabling precise cyber risk assessment and action

Automatically determining asset value is critical to managing cyber risk because it enables PRess release matrixorganizations to easily create action plans focused on addressing risk. RiskRecon visually summarizes issue risk priority within a “Risk Prioritization Matrix,” showing each issue  within the context of issue severity and asset risk value. 

Summarizing the risk priority of 3,000,000 issues  existing in commercial Internet-facing systems reveals that only 0.12% are critical severity issues in high-value assets. “The vast majority of risk resides in less than 6% of total issues,” explained White.  “RiskRecon enables you to easily identify the issues of risk that matter and, just as importantly, identify the issues that don’t.”

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