In a continued effort to drive innovation and meet the growing needs of today’s businesses, RiskRecon has announced enhancements to the platform’s reporting features including uniquely curated insights for Executive/Board Meeting use cases as well as expanded reporting capabilities for Discover Licensees.

What’s New?

Portfolio Executive Summary Report

Reporting both program activity and risk metrics is essential to communicating the effectiveness of your third-party risk management efforts. Program activity metrics such as, remediation success, inform the business of the degree to which you are managing your third-party portfolio, while risk metrics inform the business of the severity and types of risks detected within your cyber ecosystem. With RiskRecon’s newest Executive Summary Report users can readily share both metrics in one document, comprehensible by Non-IT and IT audiences. 

Discover Licensee Executive Summary-1Included in Portfolio Executive Summary Report:

  • Portfolio Overall Rating
  • Performance Distribution Summary
  • Average Time to Close an Issue
  • Average Age of Open Issues
  • Companies By Rating Change 
  • Recent Breach Events
  • Largest Rating Decline
  • Most Improved
  • Lowest Rated
  • Performance Breakdown by Criticality

Expanded Reporting Capabilities 

To ensure all RiskRecon users have a comprehensive view of their cyber risk ecosystem, Discover Licensees can now enjoy expanded reporting access at no additional cost.

Reports Now Accessible to Discover Licensees

  • Executive Summary 

High-level overview of company's ratings and action plan progress

  • Company Summary 

Detailed overview of company’s cyber threat landscape including ratings by domain criteria

Discover Licensee Executive SummaryUltimately, third-party risk management is a process of holding enterprises accountable to good security practices. RiskRecon’s reporting capabilities conveniently display where the highest risk exists within your cyber ecosystem and empowers you to quickly share and act on those risks. 

Only RiskRecon enables customers to build a scalable, third-party risk reduction program that compresses remediation cycle time, improves analyst productivity, and ensures continuous vendor collaboration.

To learn more about Reporting capabilities in the RiskRecon platform and how you can get the most out of it, schedule a demo today.