It is beneficial to understand what AWS can do for your data storage and why an AWS security assessment is necessary. When you want to ensure success for your company, you want to ensure you have the right security in place. Here at RiskRecon, a MasterCard company, we want the best protection for you; let's answer some of the most important questions about cloud security and the AWS security assessment.

What does AWS (Amazon web services) do?

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a cloud platform offered by While you might think retail sales are the primary profit driver for Amazon, it's their leading cloud computing platform.

AWS offers servers, networking, email, mobile development, computing, storage, and security. Many different cloud computing products fall under AWS. In addition, more than 80 availability zones are offered where servers are located with AWS. This range of locations allows users to set geographical limits, but it can also help provide better cloud security for customers.

With dozens of data centers globally, AWS can offer better security controls and a more secure cloud environment compared to competitors, such as Google Cloud. In addition, the diversification of many data centers allows Amazon Web Services to protect data, even when disaster strikes.

One of the AWS security best practices is to avoid localizing data, which can lead to chaos if disaster strikes. Instead, AWS services allow customers to store data in multiple locations that are not easily identifiable to lower their cyber risk.

With so many data centers worldwide, AWS offers the ability to remedy issues quickly, no matter the time of the day. So if an outage or attack happens, it will cause only minimal downtime.

What is the AWS security assessment?

AWS professional services recommend that a regular security assessment be done. This cloud security assessment will look at your cloud environment and cyber risk. When your business relies on the cloud, you need to make sure you have the best security possible.

An AWS assessment will provide many benefits. It can help you with cloud security posture management and help you avoid future attacks. A cloud security assessment can help you optimize your resources and become proactive with your overall cloud security strategy.

With an AWS cloud security assessment, your organization's current cloud security posture will be evaluated from an administrative and governance standpoint. An AWS inspector will also look at the current security controls you are using. When you have an AWS cloud security assessment done, you will also get recommendations and priority suggestions from AWS support engineers.

What does it measure?

With a security assessment, you will have many measures to assess your organization's security posture. The Amazon inspector will look at several things, including:

· Policies & Procedures

· Change Management

· Visibility and Monitoring

· 3rd Party Access

· Identity & Access Control

· Logging & Security Monitoring

· Data Protection & Storage

· And more!

If you want to make sure you have the best AWS cloud security possible, this assessment will provide many benefits. You will gain increased compliance, reduce misconfiguration issues, improve your AWS security, and more.

Is this the same as an audit?

No, a security assessment is not the same as an audit. While the two are similar, a security assessment is often one part of an AWS security audit. When you have a security assessment done, the focus is more on cloud security posture management with network-based scans, host-based scans, and application scans. An AWS security audit will go further in-depth and provide a more comprehensive look at any vulnerability within your security system.

Cybersecurity audits will also run tests to check your security measures against federal compliance standards. It's common to schedule a security audit and choose a type of security assessment to be a part of the audit.

Do I need a security assessment?

If you plan to use AWS services, you will want a security assessment done for your AWS account. It's important to ensure you have the most secure cloud infrastructure possible. The flaws and loopholes in your cloud infrastructure will be identified with the correct assessment. This will help you to fix any vulnerability you might have, which can lower your security risk.

How can I prepare for the security assessment?

When preparing for the security assessment, you want to have the right team to help you. It's important to have the right tools, too. You cannot just choose any AWS penetration testing solution. Each security tool is different and will provide a different type of assessment. Make sure you have the cloud penetration testing you need for your organization.

When it comes to how to prepare, it's smart to understand what IAM is. IAM stands for Identity and Access Management. It's a web service that will help give you secure control access to the AWS resources. You will be able to manage permissions and control who is authenticated and has access to the resources.

How can RiskRecon help me?

A RiskRecon demo can help you with your cyber security needs in many different ways. When you're ready to improve your AWS security, we can provide you with a deep and thorough assessment. Our asset discovery provides an extremely low false-positive rate. Make the call today!