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    Report: Risk to the Nth Party Degree

    In this extensive research endeavor, we embark on an exploration to unravel the intricacies of interconnectedness within your supply chain. Our analysis goes beyond the conventional third-party ...

    New Report: Ripples Across the Attack Surface

    Sometimes small events can have far-reaching consequences, such as when one organization's security incident affects third parties and the broader supply chain. We call these effects "ripple ...

    Gartner®: 2023 Hype Cycle™ for Cyber Risk Management

    Regulatory changes, ransomware, cyber attacks, and data breaches have transformed cyber risk in organizations.

    New Report: Balancing Third-Party Risk

    From speculating that vendors have threatening security postures to guessing that vendors have water-tight security practices, organizations make assumptions about cybersecurity too often. ...

    eBook: Managing Ransomware Risk in the Supply Chain

    There is surprisingly little data on a large-scale study basis that correlates the risk outcomes organizations are achieving through maintaining good cybersecurity hygiene. Is it paying off, or is ...

    eBook: Get Ready to Take On Software Supply Chain Risk Management

    Do you have the visibility you need into your software supply chains? Ultimately, agencies will need to use a mix of tools and research to ensure they have a complete picture of the supply chains ...

    Paper: Risk Management Insights from 10 years of Breach Events

    In whatever way you digest the news, you will see many stories about breach events, so many in fact, that one might reasonably conclude that every organization is compromised regularly.

    White Paper: Five Lessons Learned from 1000 Ransomware Attacks

    Much has been written about hardening enterprises against the threat of ransomware, but what about protecting supply chains? Ideally, every supplier has a robust security program, strong ...

    RiskRecon Rating Correlation to Ransomware Event Frequency

    To help understand the probability of an organization succumbing to a destructive ransomware attack, RiskRecon has studied the cybersecurity hygiene of companies at the time of the ...

    Report: The State of Noncompliance in Cyber Risk Management

    Whether they’re coming from the PCI Council, NIST, ISO, or CIS, the regulations and frameworks laid out by these compliance groups offer a reference point for organizations to chart their security ...