Assessing third-party vendors to understand their cybersecurity posture is time-consuming, and data can quickly become stale and outdated. Many businesses around the world leverage solutions such as RiskRecon to continuously assess and evaluate vendor cyber risk ratings.

To fully understand how third-party vendor risks are affecting policies, procedures, and controls implemented to mitigate risks, organizations utilize StandardFusion to paint the full picture and make informed, real-time decisions.

We are thrilled to announce that RiskRecon and StandardFusion are partnering to help leading organizations efficiently and effectively handle even the most complex third-party relationships and challenges.

StandardFusion customers now have seamless access to RiskRecon’s vendor risk ratings directly in their dashboards, enabling them to easily assess all vendors, shortening due diligence processes and streamlining the entire vendor management lifecycle.

“We’ve joined the cybersecurity alliance to continue improving our clients' risk management systems and empower them to make the most informed information security decisions, even with the most complex third-party challenges.” – Mirek Pijanowski, CEO, StandardFusion

“We are very excited to be working with the StandardFusion team, and we look forward to providing their users with the data they need to onboard vendors faster and more securely.” - Peter Ling, RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company, Vice President, Global Cybersecurity Alliances and Cyber Resilience Programs

How to Reduce Third-Party Risks with StandardFusion and RiskRecon

Whether your business activities are outsourced, or you are looking for the expertise you currently don't have in-house, ensuring your vendors keep up with your cybersecurity expectations is critical to ongoing business operations.

StandardFusion customers can instantly access rating information to make faster and more informed decisions about their third-party vendors.

Users can now create controls based on policies that govern third-party risk scores which greatly speeds up vendor evaluation and auditing.

Additionally, when scores are accessed within StandardFusion, users can:

  • View, filter, and segment all vendor risk scores exceeding specified thresholds
  • Drill down into vendor details to understand factors behind a vendor's rating
  • Create Tasks, Incidents, or Vulnerabilities to track investigative or remediation work
  • Automate vendor questionnaires to collect additional information about their security posture
  • Connect vendors to Risks - or even a complete Risk Analysis - to inform and reassess overall enterprise risk

Learn more about StandardFusion’s vendor management solution.

How is RiskRecon’s cyber risk rating determined?

RiskRecon’s cyber risk rating is determined by evaluating a plethora of criteria across 9 security domains including email security, data loss history, network filtering, governance, DNS security, threat intelligence, defensibility, web encryption, web application, software patching. The impact of all vulnerabilities is analyzed to produce the cyber risk rating.

Within each security domain, RiskRecon reports overall current performance, trends, and industry benchmarks, backed by detailed information summaries and descriptions along with issue severity and risk priority.

Among other factors that analyze third parties’ security posture, RiskRecon’s grade for that company is then produced and added to vendor profiles within StandardFusion, along with other information from additional data providers.

If you're interested in a free RiskRecon trial, please visit here for more information.