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      Multi-Party Incidents in the Headlines

      In May of 2019, the American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA) disclosed a breach of its systems that compromised the personal information of over 24 million ...

      Digital Transformation and the Risk of Costly Cyber Ripples

      Layered software integrations, open APIs, and mutually beneficial data sharing between different businesses are hallmarks of digital transformation today. These ...
      Vendor Risk Management

      GDPR Foundations: Part III

      Manage Third-parties under GDPR We’ve discussed this section in detail in a ...

      GDPR Foundations: Part I

      GDPR is an incredibly far-reaching regulation that has impacted organizations globally. The risk of financially material fines has led to companies making greater ...
      CCPA third-party risk

      CCPA: Third-party Risk Management

      Historically, organizations haven’t had to publicly disclose the third parties they’ve hired to help them deliver a service, make money, etc. Under California’s new ...
      GDPR Flag

      GDPR: How organizations go from violations to fines

      Europe’s GDPR is widely-discussed in today’s news cycles and for good reason. The regulation impacts many organizations throughout the world, and violations of the ...
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      RiskRecon Partners with RSA Archer

      We’re excited to announce RiskRecon’s new partnership with

      6 Tips for Administering Better Vendor Questionnaires

      To get the most from a vendor management program you must trust, then verify. These six best practices are a good place to ...

      SC Magazine Unveils RiskRecon Review

      As vendor risk management becomes a more clear and present danger, the challenge for mitigating vendor risk is twofold:
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      How to protect yourself through the hazards of the M&A process

      The mergers and acquisitions process is scary enough, but absorbing another company’s digital assets without full visibility into their entire digital ...