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      A Conversation on Digital Transformation and Third-Party Risk

      Only a small segment of the industry has gotten on board with the idea that they own the risk associated with the end-to-end supply chain that makes their ...

      What You Need to Know about the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulations

      If you’re even loosely connected to the financial services industry, you’ve no doubt heard about the newest cybersecurity requirements issued by the New York State ...
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      What's Risk Surface?

      You’ve likely never heard the term “risk surface” before, but it’s an important concept that captures the way modern enterprises must manage risk. To that end, ...
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      You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure – Integrating Risk Formulas into Your Cyber Risk Management Framework

        By Kelly White | July 2, 2018  Calculating cyber risk is a key element of any sound risk management strategy. ...

      Security Vulnerabilities Don’t Equal Security Risk – So How Do You Prioritize?

        By Kelly White | May 31, 2018  While security vulnerabilities are found in ...

      Why the Security of Your Vendor’s Entire Enterprise Matters

        By Kelly White | May 14, 2018   Reliably protecting systems and data over time ...

      What is the True Cost of Administering Your Vendor Security Questionnaire?

        By Kelly White | May 8, 2018 The more ...

      Public Customer Vendor References – Good Partnership but Risky Business

        By Kelly White, Founder and CEO, RiskRecon A public testimonial from a ...

      When the media wrongly implicates you in a third-party data breach

      Be Prepared: The Media Might Drag you into a Vendor Data Breach Mess Even if Your Data Wasn’t Compromised Kelly White | May 1, ...

      You Can’t Outsource Risk - A regulatory guide to third-party cyber security risk management

          Kelly White | April 29, 2018 Third parties are integral ...