High-Profile Data Breaches have placed a spotlight on the risk of cyber security breaches with vendors and subcontractors, expanding the need to have greater rigor in third-party risk management and ongoing risk assessments. By integrating third-party risk management systems with other enterprise systems, external data sources, and analysis and reporting applications, and organization can deliver significant benefits and centralize processes into a single, automated platform that standardizes workflows and reduces manual effort.

Webinar Details: Thursday June 25, 2020 at 1:00 pm EST

On this webinar our panel of experts addressed how to strengthen your third-party risk management process for improved efficiency and effectiveness, and get more from your platform investment through automated integrations with a broader digital ecosystem. Attendees will learn:

- How integrations with external data sources accelerate the assessment process and improve security, financial, and reputation risk reviews,
- Where to connect to internal systems — ERP, GRC, CRM, Contracts, and more — throughout the third-party management lifecycle,
- The pros and cons of various integration methods and how to make a best-fit choice,
- How to strengthen and streamline your third-party risk management efforts.

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