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      Ransomware Actors Attack Most Often on Fridays

      Criminals are detonating ransomware at targeted organizations seven days a week, leaving enterprises with essentially no time to shore up their security operations. ...

      Ransomware doesn't take weekends off

      Ransomware is being targeted at organizations seven days a week, leaving no time for enterprises to shore up their security operations, according to a new ...

      How businesses can improve their third-party security [Q&A]

      In recent years many of the most high-profile cyberattacks have come through the supply chain, involving third-party suppliers and partners. It's ...

      50 Multi-Party Cyber Incidents: Key Security Research Findings

      You’ve heard about supply chain cyberattacks. But what are ripple events — and what’s the fallout from such cyberattacks?

      Multi-target breaches can end up costing far more than imagined

      A breach that affects more than one target company creates 26 times more financial damage, compared to an attack that affects only one target, a new report from ...

      Breaches of more than one target amplify financial damage by 26 times

      A multi-party breach creates 26 times more financial damage than the damage that can be caused by even the worst single-party breach, according to a new ...

      Measuring the impact of multi-party security breaches

      Cyentia Institute and RiskRecon, a Mastercard company, released research that quantifies how a multi-party data breach impacts ...

      RiskRecon named “Enterprise Risk Management Software of the Year"

      RiskRecon is pleased to announce that we have won the "Enterprise Risk Management Software of the Year" Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award for 2021.  ...

      A multi-party data breach creates 26x the financial damage of single-party breach

      Check out this new article from Help Net Security that examines the latest research study from RiskRecon and CYentia Institute, which found that the largest ...

      Ripple effects from a cyber incident take a year to develop: report

      CIO Dive discussed the new report from RiskRecon and Cyentia on the impact of multi-party breaches.  Dive Brief: ...