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News Releases


    RiskRecon Named Winner of the Global InfoSec Awards during RSAC 2022

    RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company Wins Most Innovative in Risk-based Vulnerability Management (RBVM)

    Whistic/RiskRecon: 60% of Companies Spending More on Vendor Security

    SALT LAKE CITY--Whistic and RiskRecon, a Mastercard company, today announced the release of a joint research report showing three out of five companies are ...
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    Mastercard and Openly partners to boost privacy and security

    Mastercard and Adelaide based Openly have announced an Australian first partnership that provides organizations with a complete view of their supply chain privacy and cyber risk posture.
    Complyscore blog

    ComplyScore Announces Partnership with RiskRecon

    ComplyScore, a leading innovator for cloud-based GRC, Vendor Governance, and Information Security solutions, today announced it is partnering with RiskRecon, a Mastercard company, and ...
    Argos Risk Blog Image Template

    Argos Risk and RiskRecon, a Mastercard company, Announce Partnership

    Argos Risk®, a leading provider of Third-Party Risk Intelligence (TPRI) services for managing and monitoring the financial viability and overall business health of third-party relationships, ...

    Mastercard Launches Global Cybersecurity Alliance Program to Further Secure The Digital Ecosystem

    New program helps partners accelerate growth and provide scaled delivery of critical cybersecurity and risk services

    RiskRecon, 2021 Global InfoSec Awards Security Ratings Next-Gen Winner

    RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company Wins Next-Gen Security Ratings IN 9th Annual Global InfoSec Awards at #RSAC 2021

    RiskRecon Grows Third-Party Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring to 4 Million

    Best-in-Class Customer Satisfaction, Deep Business and Technology Partnerships with CyberGRX, Interos, and RSA, and New Ratings Model ...

    RiskRecon and CyberGRX Partner for Complete View of Third-Party Risk

    Partnership Increases Efficiency and Drives Better Risk Outcomes Based on Organizations’ Evolving Ecosystem of Third ...

    Report: TPRM teams Need to Move Beyond Questionnaire-Based Assessments

    81% of firms report that at least 75% of vendors pass questionnaire-based assessments without exception, yet only 14% ...

    ProcessUnity and RiskRecon Partner to Provide Customers Access to Data-Driven Third-Party Security Ratings

    Partnership increases visibility into the security of key business partners

    Interos and RiskRecon Gather Sen. Mark Warner, Dr. Richard Haass, and Other Industry Luminaries at Inaugural Summit on Third Party Risk

    Summit will also feature speakers from Accenture, Goldman Sachs, FireEye and MassMutual

    New Research Shows that 33 Percent of Companies Expose Unsafe Network Services to the Internet

    Data storage, remote access and network administration most prevalent services exposing sensitive data; ...

    Interos and RiskRecon Identify Vulnerable and Hidden Third, Fourth, and Fifth Party Suppliers

    Partnership will enable companies to identify, continuously monitor, and respond to cyber, concentration, financial, and geographic risk ...

    Mastercard Provides Cybersecurity Tools For Small Businesses In Canada

    Free cybersecurity assessments from RiskRecon, a Mastercard company, will help small businesses protect their environments during the COVID-19 ...

    Privva Introduces Continuous Risk Monitoring Partnerships with Argos Risk, RiskRecon and SpyCloud

    New integrations adding visualizations of vendor security assessments, financial data and dark web monitoring enrich Privva’s third-party risk management platform ...

    H-ISAC Partnering with RiskRecon and Mastercard to Provide Complimentary Cybersecurity Rating Assessments for all Healthcare Organizations

    Healthcare organizations will gain visibility into their known and unknown digital footprint assessed against thousands of cybersecurity ...

    RiskRecon Commits to Continued Innovation in Third-party Cybersecurity Risk

    Company Reiterating Commitment to Customer Success, Technology Innovation, and Now Enhanced Cyber Threat Intelligence as Part of Mastercard

    Mastercard Acquires RiskRecon to Enhance Cybersecurity Capabilities

    Industries in possession of sensitive personal data account for more than 60% of multi-party cyber incidents; research warns impact growth rate will only continue ...

    New Study Shows Financial Loss from Multi-Party Cyber Incidents is 13X Larger than Single-Party Incidents

    Industries in possession of sensitive personal data account for more than 60% of multi-party cyber incidents; research warns impact growth rate will only continue ...

    RiskRecon and Cyentia Institute: Definitive Study on Cloud Security Risk Quantifies Global Industry Exposure and Reveals Predictors of Cloud Success


    RiskRecon Recruits Thomas Bain to Drive Growth as New Senior Vice President of Marketing


    Definitive Study on Internet Risk Surface Exposes Third-Party Risk as the Single, Most Quantifiable Cyber Threat to the Enterprise


    RiskRecon Announces Partnership with RSA® to Make Third-Party Vendor Risk Assessments More Actionable


    Product Enhancement: Issue Risk Matrix for your Entire Vendor Portfolio

    RiskRecon is pleased to announce the release of the Portfolio Issue Priority Matrix. The Portfolio Issue Risk Matrix provides you instant visibility into the risk distribution of security issues ...