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      CCOE: 5 Things You Need To Know To Optimize Your Company’s Approach to Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

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      How to Conduct Better Third-Party Risk Assessments

      Today’s enterprises operate in a complex digital ecosystem that connects customers, vendors, and partners and through which data is shared and transactions are processed. Because much of this is ...

      Carlsbad businesses offered cybersecurity training

      Mastercard's RiskRecon is part of a group of organizations providing free cybersecurity training for businesses in the Carlsbad, CA area.  We will be giving local firms a cyber assessment and ...

      Three Ways TPRM Programs Can Improve

      As enterprise leaders and security professionals increasingly recognize the risks and compliance implications that cybersecurity failures pose, the practice of third-party risk management (TPRM) ...

      CyberWire Daily Brief V10 Issue 91

      What is the value of better data in third-party risk ...

      The value of better data in third-party risk assessments

      RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company, and the Cyentia Institute published “

      How the open source community helped firms investigate SolarWinds

      In an interview, RiskRecon CEO Kelly White added that open source intelligence is becoming more important because enterprises have become so complex, with complicated webs of departments, ...

      Security Magazine - 5 minutes with Jonathan Ehret

      The SolarWinds hack is a strong reminder why third-party risk management is so important. Not only was SolarWinds breached, but the hack is now believed to have affected upward ...

      RiskRecon expands cybersecurity risk monitoring to 3.9 million

      RiskRecon marked the expansion of its cybersecurity risk monitoring to 3.9 million companies globally. The essential ...