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      If It’s Your Business, It Is Your Risk

      The instinct to avoid responsibility starts young—most of us learned early on, for instance, that the primary benefit to having siblings was gaining a ...
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      How to Protect Yourself Through the Hazards of the M&A Process

      Mergers and acquisitions are difficult. It’s an exercise in valuation—and determining the assets and liabilities of the acquisition target is a massive ...
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      Universal Performance Rating System for Corporate Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection?

      Even though they worry about online privacy, most people are just fine with handing over their personal data in exchange for better services. Whether it’s ...

      Third-Party Cyber Risk Management - A Data-Driven Approach

      Your organization's risk surface is larger than you think. How can you get a handle on what risks exist, where they reside, and which ones are most important ...

      How Much Will the Starwood Data Breach End Up Costing Marriott?

      By now, everyone is aware that hotel giant Marriott International announced on Friday a massive data breach that goes back more than four years and may have ...

      Cyber Security Experts Weigh In on Marriott/Starwood Data Breach

      On November 30, Marriott announced it had discovered a data breach dating back to 2014 on the recently acquired Starwood Guest Reservation Database. The ...

      Massive Marriott Data Breach Exposes 500M Customers’ Information

      Marriott said hackers broke into a guest database belonging to its Starwood subsidiary in ...

      New Software Capability Helps Manage Third-party Cyber Risks

      Vendor monitoring solution

      Examine The Cybersecurity Risk Ratings Market With The Forrester New Wave™ Evaluation

      Forrester takes a close look at the nine most important vendors in this rising market, reviewing their current capabilities, customer references, and ...
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      Top 5 Strategies for Managing Third-party Cybersecurity

      What’s the point of having an exceptional risk management program if the weakest link is your third parties? It doesn’t have to be this way. Read on for our ...