While there are many third-party cyber risk tools, most only evaluate either external data by scanning the “dark web” and publicly exposed vulnerabilities, or internal data by asking questions from each third-party to gauge overall cyber security maturity based on their responses. Both methods have their strengths and challenges, and many organizations believe they must leverage just one type of tool or the other to succeed. With the new partnership between CyberClarity360 and RiskRecon, this binary approach is a thing of the past.

Date: Wednesday December 18th

Time: 1:00pm EST

This webinar will outline key advantages in the integrated solution developed by CyberClarity360 and RiskRecon, which combines best-of-breed internal assessment capabilities with deep, continuous external risk insight spanning 11 security domains and 41 security criteria. Cyber security, compliance and risk professionals will learn how to apply the solution to achieve a 360-degree view of third-party cyber risk for their organizations, in addition to a deeper understanding of:

  • The vendor risk lifecycle and how you can align your processes to support it
  • How to accurately assess your unique challenges and identify which partner’s solution can best resolve them
  • What you should endeavor to achieve within your third-party ecosystem as threats evolve and new problems arise


  • Imran Jaswal - Managing Director, CyberClarity360
  • Shay Colson - Director, CyberClarity360
  • Tom Bain - SVP Marketing, RiskRecon

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