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      Webinar: Say No To Binaries: Holistic Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

      While there are many third-party cyber risk tools, most only evaluate either external data by scanning the “dark web” and publicly exposed vulnerabilities, or internal data by asking questions from...

      Webinar: The Ripple Effect - An Examination of Multi-Party Security Incidents

      Software integrations, open APIs, and data sharing between different businesses are a staple of the modern digital organization. Unfortunately, as organizations increase their digital footprint...
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      Video: Solving Third-party Cybersecurity Risk

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      Webinar: Realizing the Strategically Essential Value of Good Third-Party Cybersecurity Risk Management

      Really good third-party cybersecurity risk management is essential to enterprise success. Done well it enables an organization to realize at the speed of business the benefits of outsourced systems...

      Webinar: Solving Third-Party Cybersecurity Risk - A Data-Driven Approach

      Your organization's risk surface is likely much larger than you think, so how can you get a handle on what risks exist, where they reside, and which ones are most important to resolve immediately? By...

      Webinar: Third-Party Security Playbook

      The Playbook is the definitive study of third-party security risk management practices. Based on in-depth interviews of security executives from 30 domestic and global firms, it reveals the real...

      Webinar: Third-Party Management - Building Proactive Information Security System


      Webinar: Extend GRC with Continuous Vendor Security Monitoring

      With an increasing reliance on third parties, your Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) objectives now extend across your organizational boundaries to include your critical vendors. This...

      Webinar: How To Scale Your Third-Party Risk Management Program

      Your organization is growing. As a result, it’s becoming more decentralized and the volume of protected data, systems, and vendors is also growing. Meanwhile, your third-party risk management program...

      Webinar: Facing Third-Party Risk Realities

      Your organization’s third-party risk management process has likely come under increased scrutiny. Regulators, boards of directors, and investors have grown increasingly concerned about potential...