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    Webinar: The State of Third-Party Risk Management

    Organizations of all shapes and sizes are trying to speed up and improve how vendors are onboarded, sacrificing security measures along the way. Healthcare firms have been hit the hardest in this...

    Measuring the Impact of Cybersecurity Risk Ratings

    Cybersecurity risk ratings (CSR) solutions give a single, aggregated view of an organization's cybersecurity posture across several risk factors, providing the necessary context of their own...

    How to Improve Efficiencies in Your Vendor Risk Management Program

    Traditional Vendor Risk Management tactics are inadequate for understanding the cybersecurity posture of your vendor ecosystem. Your organization should also make sure that your program is efficient...
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    Webinar: Secure Your Supply Chain with RiskRecon

    Register for our upcoming webinar on June 16, 2021, which will include a live demonstration of the new supply chain risk functionality in the RiskRecon platform. 

    The Strongest Link – Building Cyber Resilience in Your Supply Chain

    Title: The Strongest Link – Building Cyber Resilience in Your Supply Chain

    IT GRC Forum: 3rd Party Risk Deep-Dive - How to Operate Your Program

    Procurement, IT, and Compliance leaders struggle to manage today’s complex regulatory environment, expansive supply chains, and compliance burdens. Difficulties increase as organizations subject...

    Webinar: What Data Points Show True Vendor Risk?

    During this webinar, we will examine the results of our new research study which measures the value of better information for third-party risk assessments using FAIR methodologies. We put many...

    Live Demo: Identifying Priority Threats with RiskRecon Assessments

    Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm EST Organizations big and small are aligned on a common issue: no one has time to sort through data to identify the systems and vendors that...
    Evolving TPRM Webinar

    Evolving Third-Party Risk Management for Today's Complex Ecosystems

    The third-party ecosystems of today’s organizations have become more complex, more digital, and more extensive than ever before.  The need for an accurate picture of your vendor’s security posture is...

    Strategies to Meet Evolving Third-Party Risk and Identity Demands

    Join industry leaders from LevelUP, SecZetta, and RiskRecon to understand the changing TPRM landscape and ways to effectively protect your organization.