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    Mastercard Launches Global Cybersecurity Alliance Program to Further Secure The Digital Ecosystem

    New program helps partners accelerate growth and provide scaled delivery of critical cybersecurity and risk services

    Who’s making waves with multi-party data breaches?

    This article is dedicated to the "who" in “who is creating multi-party data breaches?” You could argue that we should have started here since every one of these incidents began with someone who ...

    How ripple multi-party breaches propagate?

    Where do ripple events stem from? This question may well be top of mind now more than ever, as these types of events become commonplace. That is why we made it a point to learn as much as we could ...
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    2022 Yields Tighter Log4j Compliance Standards: How to Stay Ahead

    On January 4, 2022, the Federal Trade Commission ...

    Ransomware is Being Detonated Seven Days a Week

    Based on analysis of over 600 publicly reported ransomware events, RiskRecon has discovered that criminals are detonating ransomware at targeted organizations seven days a week, leaving no time ...
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    GoDaddy Announces Security Incident: How to Know if You Are Impacted

    On November 22, 2021, the popular web hosting provider GoDaddy

    What caused the surge in ripple events?

    Having taken a few different readings about the size and scope of these digital tsunamis, our next question is ...

    Mikela McGettigan – The First Sales Exec You Want on Your Team

    Mikela was RiskRecon’s first sales executive, joining when we had just a few founding customers. In doing so, she put her own commission-based income on the line. With minimal sales and marketing ...

    How big are the waves from multi-party data breaches?

    How big are the waves from Ripple events? This question is likely top of mind for many ...

    Light Through the IRIS Tsunami

    In almost every way imaginable, we live in a hyperconnected world. This connectivity has brought many benefits to modern business models, but it has also introduced myriad challenges and risks. If ...