Need to understand your third parties’ cyber risk exposure better, but limited on time, funds or ability to engage? Risks exist throughout third-party ecosystems, but performing a portfolio level analysis has been challenging for many organizations. Only Kroll CyberClarity360 TM Express leverages technology-enabled expertise and a light touch to make risk-informed decisions on your third parties. CyberClarity360 Express provides an objective, discreet and quick view guided by experts to help you make better risk-informed decisions. Join us as we walk you through how CyberClarity360 Express can help you move faster when identifying risk and make better decisions on how to engage your vendors.
Attendees will learn:
  • What Kroll CyberClarity360 Express is and what use case it applies to
  • How it leverages powerful data sets and an algorithmic engine to help better understand cyber risk
  • How Fortune 500 companies are using it to understand their outside vendors

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