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      SC Magazine Unveils RiskRecon Review

      As vendor risk management becomes a more clear and present danger, the challenge for mitigating vendor risk is twofold:
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      How to protect yourself through the hazards of the M&A process

      The mergers and acquisitions process is scary enough, but absorbing another company’s digital assets without full visibility into their entire digital ...

      2019 Cybersecurity Predictions, Virtualization Technology News and Information, recently posted some thought-provoking 2019 cybersecurity predictions from industry veteran Kelly White, ...

      Third Deadly Sin: Not measuring and reporting risk and risk outcomes

        We’re running a blog post series on the “Seven Deadly Sins of Third-Party Cyber Risk Management;” here’s the third deadly sin, which is not ...

      Lockpath and RiskRecon Further Partnership to Increase Third-Party Risk Visibility

        Lockpath, a leading ...
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      RiskRecon Advisor Yong-Gon Chon Shares Cybersecurity Tips

        In a recent article in the 

      Who’s Monitoring Your Third-Party Vendors for Cyber Risk?

        Exactis Data Leak Illustrates the Enormity of an Organization’s Potential Third-Party Cyber ...
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      You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure – Integrating Risk Formulas into Your Cyber Risk Management Framework

        By Kelly White | July 2, 2018  Calculating cyber risk is a key element of any sound risk management strategy. ...
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      Breaking the Cybersecurity Insanity Cycle

        By Yong-Gon Chon | June 19, 2018 I’m joining the Board at RiskRecon because with my 20+ years of experience working in ...

      Security Vulnerabilities Don’t Equal Security Risk – So How Do You Prioritize?

        By Kelly White | May 31, 2018  While security vulnerabilities are found in ...