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      Vendor Risk Management

      GDPR Foundations: Part III

      Manage Third-parties under GDPR We’ve discussed this section in detail in a ...
      EMEA locked

      GDPR Foundations: Part II

      As we continue with this blog series on GDPR Foundations, we will explore the requirements organizations need ...

      A Conversation on Digital Transformation and Third-Party Risk

      Only a small segment of the industry has gotten on board with the idea that they own the risk associated with the end-to-end supply chain that makes their ...

      GDPR Foundations: Part I

      GDPR is an incredibly far-reaching regulation that has impacted organizations globally. The risk of financially material fines has led to companies making greater ...
      Cloud Security-1

      5 Risk Factors for Deciding Where to Host Cloud-Eligible Assets

      When security and risk considerations play a role in determining where Internet-facing assets should reside, the inevitable questions that rear their heads are 'Are ...
      CCPA third-party risk

      CCPA: Third-party Risk Management

      Historically, organizations haven’t had to publicly disclose the third parties they’ve hired to help them deliver a service, make money, etc. Under California’s new ...

      How the Goldilocks Zone Impacts Multi-Cloud Risk

      Now that almost all organizations have at least established some kind of foothold in the cloud, the real growth begins. Cloud adoption rates keep ticking upward as ...

      CCPA Foundations Part II

      In Part II of our series on CCPA Foundations, we will explore Enforcements & Fines associated with this new legislation. 

      CCPA Foundations Part I

      The right to privacy is regarded around the world as a fundamental human right. In fact, the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “No one shall be ...
      risky decisions

      Measuring Risk Surface: Part 2

      Diving into the concept of measurement