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      Dimensions of the Financial Sector Risk Surface

      As Digital Transformation ushers in a plethora of changes, critical areas of risk exposure are also changing and expanding. We view the risk surface as ...

      Digital Transformation and the Risk of Costly Cyber Ripples

      Layered software integrations, open APIs, and mutually beneficial data sharing between different businesses are hallmarks of digital transformation today. These ...
      Distribution of Breach Frequency

      Measuring Risk Surface: Part 3

      The Methods of Measurement

      A Conversation on Digital Transformation and Third-Party Risk

      Only a small segment of the industry has gotten on board with the idea that they own the risk associated with the end-to-end supply chain that makes their ...

      How the Goldilocks Zone Impacts Multi-Cloud Risk

      Now that almost all organizations have at least established some kind of foothold in the cloud, the real growth begins. Cloud adoption rates keep ticking upward as ...
      risky decisions

      Measuring Risk Surface: Part 2

      Diving into the concept of measurement
      Measuring cybersecurity risk

      Measuring Risk Surface: Part 1

      A primer on the objects of our measurement

      Responding to Risk Surface

      Reflections from some of 2019's largest cybersecurity events

      The What and Why of Risk Surface

      New terms, new reports and a new direction for an emerging risk ...

      Making Risk Surface Real

      An argument for risk surface’s leading role in corporate risk registers By Richard Seiersen: Risk Management Author, Serial CISO, CEO ...